Chimney Stack Repair in Ellesmere Port

A chimney stack repair in Ellesmere Port is an invaluable service for homeowners. Most people are aware of a chimney stack’s function: it funnels the smoke from a fire away from the house. However, many people are unaware of the maintenance and repair work that a chimney requires, for it to function safely and effectively. How would you know that your chimney is not working properly? Blockages caused by creosote and debris, flue cracks, issues with the brickwork, and problems with the cap and crown are some of the most common issues faced by all chimney stacks. Where can you find a reliable chimney stack repair service?

In Ellesmere Port, chimney stack repair service is available from Furber Roofing, an established and reputable. Over more than five decades, they have gained enough expertise to be able to handle any and all types of roofing concerns. They recently received a query from a gentleman who had noticed that his mortar joints were badly damaged. After speaking to an expert at Furber Roofing, the gentleman learned that failing mortar joints result from exposure to excess moisture. Sometimes water may seep into small cracks within the masonry, turning them into larger cracks. This condition gets worse during spring thawing and winter freezing. This weakens the masonry, increasing the probability of the chimney collapsing. As the gentleman learned, he needed to address the problem immediately. Shortly afterwards, masonry repair work commenced on the gentleman’s chimney stack, restoring it back to its previous glory. The gentleman also learned that chimneys require regular maintenance in order for them to function safely and effectively.

If you are experiencing problems with your chimney, then it is likely that you need a reliable chimney stack repair in Ellesmere Port. Furber Roofing is the best for handling any type of roofing concern. They specialize in all types of chimney related maintenance and stack work, including replacement flashing, lowering, capping off, fitting new chimney cowl or pots, rendering, launching, and pointing. For more information about their chimney repair service, contact Furber Roofing today.