Storm Damage / Emergency Repairs

We at Furber Roofing offer Storm Damage / Emergency Repairs and are available 7 days a week our dedicated repair teams are on call to provide any emergency repairs, to make safe dangerous situations or to make water tight where damage has been caused to prevent further internal damage.

We can make temporary repairs in nearly all situations and are available to provide advice and quotations on an urgent basis.

We deal with all major insurance companies throughout the UK to ensure a speedy resolution and help our customers in what can be a very difficult time.

Most roofing works require scaffolding as a legal requirement under Health & Safety Regulations. We at Furber Roofing have our own in house fully qualified scaffolding teams available on a 7 day emergency basis giving us the benefit of a speedy response to all Storm Damage / Emergency Repairs throughout Wirral and the North West ensuring that all repairs are carried out without delay.

  • Furber Roofing Ltd can provide a very quick response to all Storm Damage / Emergency Repairs.
  • We have dedicated teams available 7 days a week to carry out emergency repairs.
  • We work with all major insurance companies.
  • We also have our own scaffolding division should emergency scaffolding be required.
  • From a slipped slate to a full replacement roof.









If your roof has been damaged and you need a rapid response call us today and get your roof repaired quickly & efficiently.