Choosing a Roofing Company in Liverpool

Anyone in need of roof repairs or a new roof will know that choosing a roofing company in Liverpool, or anywhere in the country for that matter, can be a difficult task, especially if you are new to the area or not experienced in working with any kind of contractor. One of the common questions roofing companies are asked is what material to use on your roof. I thought all roof tiles were slate, but having recently had my roof repaired I was surprised to find that there are many different materials regularly used in the UK.

In Liverpool, roofing companies not only install new roofs, they also repair roofs that are broken. My roof had lost some ‘slates’ in a storm, which is a common occurrence in Liverpool, providing roofing companies with plenty of work, so I called around a few local firms to get some quotes for repairs. Of course, I wasn’t able to answer when asked what type of material my roof was dressed in and eventually a nice man from Furber Roofing offered to come out and have a look. He glanced at my roof and informed me that it was clay tiles, then kindly explaining that slate was generally not a reddish orange colour. It turns out that concrete is actually the most common material for roofing in Britain, as it is cheap, however these tiles can fade over time which means that repairs can look a little out of place and have a patchwork effect. Clay is an increasingly popular option as the colour does not fade, and the material is natural and very versatile. The classic slate roofing is still common, but the price of quality materials can be high and a slate roof is more time consuming to fit.

A reputable roofing company in Liverpool can be very helpful. Obviously I had my roof repairs done in clay to match what is there, but if you are having a new roof the choice is yours.To find out more about the roofing options available, give Furber Roofing a call; they will be able to help you make an informed choice, especially if you are as clueless as me when it comes to roofs!