Chimney Stack Repairs Wallasey

We at Furber Roofing recently carried out extensive chimney stack repairs in Wallasey for a family after their home was damaged by a fallen tree, allowing us to put our more than 50 years experience to particularly good use. The homeowner was most concerned because, while the roof was being repaired, the chimney had been most affected by the accident and was urgently required in the face of the current very cold weather. As a result of these circumstances, our team responded particularly quickly to this stressed customer’s urgent request.

Like all clients who call on us here in Wallasey for chimney stack repairs, this gentleman felt confident of the quality of work he would receive from our award winning company. Also, advances in technology have resulted in more sophisticated, effective and varied types of roofing materials allowing us to meet customer’s needs increasingly effectively. This homeowner’s property required a combination of chimney repair, roof repair, and gutter replacement (including re-alignment and extensive repairs to existing guttering. As we have the facilities to install continuous aluminium extruded guttering which, being seamless, is not subject to leakage at the joints required in traditional guttering, this was not a problem. Although we offer cast iron gutters, aluminium guttering was used on this project to replace missing or irreparable sections in order to match the existing gutters on the home.) Our vastly experienced and fully qualified team carried out the necessary repairs in a very short period, ensuring that the house has a rainwater disposal and drainage system that will cope with any seasonal rains, and a fully-functional chimney stack allowing his family to light a fire and stay warm and cosy through the cold months.

We invite you to call now to discuss your chimney stack repairs; our Liverpool staff will be most happy to provide you with further information or set up an appointment for a prompt and free survey, advice and a detailed quotation.