A Primer on Chimney Repairs in Liverpool

Chimney repairs in Liverpool are vital if you are a home owner with a wood burning fireplace installed in your house. Brick chimneys will inevitably weaken and start to crumble with age. This is because chimneys are more exposed to the elements than most other parts of your home which, as a result, will not exhibit as much weathering. A crumbling chimney could mean that the bricks are cracked, the mortar that holds the bricks together is degrading, or both. Repair of a worn chimney is a major reconstruction job and involves replacing of the damaged brickwork and re-pointing of weakened mortar in order to avoid a collapse.

In Liverpool, start chimney repairs by first examining the exterior. Stand a short distance away from your house and look carefully for any signs of loose, missing or cracked bricks as well as missing bits of mortar. Such an examination will also help you to identify general issues in the structure such as the chimney or house showing signs of leaning. It is important –for your own safety – not to examine your chimney by climbing onto the roof. You could also inspect the attic or crawl space. Problems with leakage could be signaled by water stains around the chimney structure. Finally, a general inspection of your building’s exterior could reveal a danger sign such as peeling wallpaper or paint as well as leakage stains near your fireplace. Water seepage into your chimney could compromise its structural integrity.

If your chimney displays any of the telltale signs of damage, you should urgently have it fixed by experts in chimney repairs in Liverpool. Do your homework on the firm you want to use on the job to ensure that they have the required credentials, expertise and experience to carry out the job. With over 50 years’ experience in the roofing repair business, Furber Roofing Limited is one of the UK’s leading chimney repair contractors. Contact Furber Roofing for inspection, renovation and quality repair work for your chimney.