Should I Replace or Repair my Slate Roof in West Kirby?

Faced with the difficult decision of whether to repair or replace my home’s slate roof in West Kirby, I had to call in the experts. Owning your own home is a great feeling; but it can also be costly as I found out recently. The upside of a place of your own is decorating as you choose and really turning a house or flat into a home that reflects your taste and character. The slight downside of home ownership is being responsible for all the repairs and maintenance yourself, and sometimes these jobs seem never ending, especially if you have a ‘character’ property like a little slate-roofed cottage.

For many of the owners of property in West Kirby slate roof repairs are a common requirement, as the area can be very windy and slates get loosened. I noticed damage to my roof after a particularly windy night, and although I tackle many of the smaller maintenance tasks around my home with relish and enthusiasm if not expertise I felt that repairing the roof was beyond my limited skills. I went to the trusty internet and read up on a few local companies, called for some quotes and settled on Furber Roofing for many reasons, mainly the combination of a competitive quote and a feeling that they would look after my beloved home.

Anyone needing repairs to a slate roof in West Kirby or the surrounding areas should give Furber Roofing a call because they certainly go the extra mile to please their customers. At first I thought I’d have to replace the whole roof, as I didn’t see how new tiles would blend in with the existing ones, and I didn’t want a patchwork effect, however the guys at Furber set my mind at rest and promised to use reclaimed slate to patch up the broken sections. I must say the final effect looks great, it is very difficult to tell which are new and which are old. Many customers are really pleased with Furber Roofing’s commitment to quality work. You can find out more about their services on the website.