Reputable Roofing Company in Birkenhead

Are you looking for a roofing company in Birkenhead? Well, look no further than Furber Roofing as we have more than 50 years experience with all aspects of roofing for both residential and commercial customers. Whether you need repairs, re-roofing or flat roof repairs we can help! A customer with an unusual spread of roofing problems found this out recently.

This gentleman lives and works in Birkenhead. A roofing company was necessary at both premises because the extremely wet weather of the last several months had taken their toll, resulting in roof leaks and problems with guttering. There are large sections of flat roofing at the customer’s business premises and the leaks had caused water damage to stock. It was discovered that there were cracks and splits in the existing roofing material due to its age-related brittleness. Our experienced and qualified technicians used RubberBond Fleeceback E.P.D.M. which was easily laid and is very durable, far less expensive than the cost of continuous replacement, has limited environmental impact, is fungus and moss resistant, doesn’t need systematic maintenance and is very strong. The guttering at the customer’s home was found to be the culprit. It was discovered that the aging materials had not been up to the challenge of all the rain water they had to handle and repairs and or realignment was needed. We have the facilities to install continuous aluminium extruded guttering which, being seamless, is not subject to leakage at the joints required in traditional guttering. Although we offer cast iron gutters, aluminium guttering was used on this project to replace missing or irreparable sections in order to match the existing gutters on the home. These two projects were carried out in the same week, leaving both premises problem free and tidy.

We invite you to call our roofing company in Birkenhead now to discuss your roof and or guttering requirements; our staff will be more than happy to provide you with further information or set up an appointment for a prompt and free survey, advice and a detailed quotation. Find out more on the Furber Roofing website.