Understanding The Concept Of Chimney Stack Pointing In Wallasey

Chimney stack pointing in Wallasey homes is often an unavoidable effort that has to be made. It is not just for the aesthetic beauty of your home but also for safety and proper functionality of the chimney. The chimney stack is just one of the parts that makes up your chimney but it is one of the most important ones. It is the part that is visible in most cases and is the bit that begins at the point where the chimney exits the house. In all likelihood, you probably have a brick chimney stack and its primary role is to protect the chimney flue that runs on the inside. The concept of “pointing” or “re-pointing” a chimney stack comes from fixing these stacks to make sure they are sound and stable once again.

In Wallasey, chimney stack pointing is most required when a home owner suddenly finds a bit of mortar missing from between the bricks, on the chimney. The bricks, along with the mortar, are necessary to protect the flues and provide the external structure for the chimney. If a bricks falls out or breaks, or if the mortar erodes over time, the overall strength and stability of the chimney stack. If the exterior walls of the stack fall, not only is there a danger of leaving the flues exposed, there is bound to be leakage during rain or snow fall and the flues themselves might suffer damage along with the breaking stack.

The process of chimney stack pointing, in Wallasey homes, generally involves refilling the mortar into the gaps that have emerged over time, generally due to the prevailing weather condition and wear and tear over time. The other elements that might need fixing are the bricks, which might need replacement if damaged, cracked or broken. Leaks in the chimney stacks also need to be closed up while a bit of grinding can help level up the surfaces and give a clean look to the final, finished chimney. Handling such a task on your own can be quite daunting so if your chimney needs a bit of repair or pointing, give us a call at Furber Roofing and we’ll come down and clear up that headache for you.